Piano Links

    • Abel Piano Hammers  Helmut Abel GmbH fabricates hammer heads and shanks on 1200 m² area in the up-to-date production plant in Frankenhardt.
    •  C. Bechstein Pianofortefabrik  150 years of competence in the field of making high-quality upright and grand pianos: a company with a great tradition and an exciting future
    • BLUTHNER PIANOS  Bluthner Piano Centre Ltd
    • BÖSENDORFER  On 25 July 1828, Ignaz Bösendorfer was issued the trade license number 225 669, and with it the right to take up residence in Vienna, to manufacture pianos, and to pay taxes.
    • Fazioli  Sophisticated manufacturing techniques, carefully selected paints and glues are used by a group highly qualified technicians. The Fazioli team works with passion and the competence typical of those committed to the early creation of precious instruments which are destined to art.
    • Grotrian-Steinweg Grotrian Pianos - Friedrich Grotrian (1803-1860) was the founder of the Grotrian family's piano building tradition since 6 generations until up to this day.
    • Steinway & Sons  For 150 years, Steinway has been dedicated to the ideal of making the finest pianos in the world. Whether you are a professional artist, a student, or enthused listener, we hope you enjoy exploring the rich tradition of these beautiful instruments.
    • SCHIMMEL PIANOS  Schimmel is one of the few piano-manufacturing concerns in which the art and craft of traditional piano manufacturing is still being carried on by direct descendents of the founder of the company, resulting in top-quality instruments. It is not without good reason that the brand name Schimmel enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide.

Piano Auctions

  • Piano Auctions Limited  Piano Auctions Limited hold specialist piano and keyboard sales in London four times a year. With over 20 years of experience and top specialists we offer a friendly professional service in valuing and selling your instrument.
  • ebay Piano Auctions  Large collection of Stringed Instruments
  • Auctions in Pianos