Appreciation of Steinway Pianos

Present Value Present Value Present Value
2.5 times higher than original cost. 5.9 time higher than original cost. 13.6 times higher than original cost.
Manufactured between 1959-1988. Manufactured between 1928-1958. Manufactured 1900's or earlier.

Hamburg - US-based piano maker Steinway & Sons unveiled Wednesday Nov 5, 2008 the most expensive grand piano it has ever built: a 1.2-million-Euro (1.5 million dollar) instrument with inlays of 40 different woods. The 150-year-old company, which has a main workshop in the German city of Hamburg, said it took four years to make the piano for a Chinese customer, Guo Qingxiang. The lid of the model, named the Sound of Harmony, is decorated with a copy of a picture by Chinese painter Shi Qi. Woods used included ebony, ashwood and rosewood.